Monday, February 9, 2009

Function: Here are a few pix of our recent work. The pieces are part of our functional line of work. HP throws all the round pots; MM hand builds all the interesting not round pots (based on functional forms) and draws and paints all work; HP glazes drawing on our arsenal of all three or four glazes we've found useful; the computer fires the works! We stop at cone 6-7, firing in an oxidation atmosphere.
Art Safari display in our own gallery, Fall 2008. (And see below.) Art Safari is a studio tour of galleries in the Weaverville and northern Buncomb county area, taking place in April and November. It's fun, its educational, and it's Art! C'mon and see for yourself. (You can search AF on the web.)

A table of pots in our studio; we're getting ready to send pots to a gallery.

Our display at the Fall Southern Highland Craft Guild Fair, Asheville, NC.

Fish . . .

and more fish. Catch 'em if you can.

A couple of birdsome hanging plates/platters by Mary.

That's all for now. Photos are taken by Mary.

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Sarah said...

Hi H and M, love the fish, and the rich colors. Good luck with the next tour.